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Anniversary Cakes

You may also want to check out the anniversary ornaments on the Cake Toppers page. 
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2 Tier Heart shaped cake covered with Cornellia Lace with Photo  2 tier square traditional style 50th Anniversary Cake with Gold painted 50 and monogram  s tier Fondant Style with Cornellia Lace over ruffles lined with gold beads   2.5 tiers Traditional Style over Fountain   Sheet Cake with Lacy Bell on corored backround  3 Tier Fondant Style 2 Squares and sm Heart iced light yellow with white Cornellia Lace    One of the newer tools in cake decorating is metalic gold airbrush color, as shown on this cake.   This Silver Anniversary cake features double ruffles lined with silver beads, and cornellia lace.  Red and White 40th Anniversary traditional style  Photo Cake  Replica of Original Wedding Cake  Sheet with 1 Lyr Round on pillars